In 1973, as students at the University of California Santa Cruz, Eric Reynolds and Dave Huntley went into business making down parkas, vests, sleeping bags, and sweaters. In 1974, they founded Marmot Mountain Works in Grand Junction, Colorado. In 1976, Marmot was the first to promote Gore-Tex, a new fabric with extraordinary waterproofing capabilities. Throughout the years, they have worked in conjunction with well-known performance athletes to create top-of-the-line outdoor products for the serious sports enthusiast. In 1993, there was a management buyout of the company and, in 2004, Marmot was acquired by K2, Inc., a premier branded consumer products company with a portfolio consisting of leading brands in the sports and performance industries. In 2004, Marmot launched its Phenomenon EL, a jacket with built-in lights for skiers and boarders to be able to see in the dark or inclement weather. The Marmot brand consists of clothing, sportswear, base layer, gloves, packs, bags, tents, and accessories.
   See also Performance apparel.

Historical Dictionary of the Fashion Industry. .

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